Who We Are

N Clinic is an Aesthetic Clinic founded by Dr.dr.Nenden Sobarna, SpKK, FINSDV, MM, under the auspices of PT. Nindia Dewati Maheswari.

N Clinic has been established since 2007 until now and has opened many branches in Indonesia, thanks to the many patients who are loyal customers of N Clinic. For now, N Clinic is present in the areas of South Jakarta (Bintaro Great A), North Jakarta (Kelapa Gading Great B), East Jakarta (Rawa Sari Great C) and Bandung (Great C).

N Clinic is a Beauty Clinic that has credibility and excellent and satisfying service supported by Dermatologists and General Practitioners as well as Beauticians who have years of experience with a focus on Skin Health, especially Beauty Aesthetic, Wellness and Treatment of Skin Diseases.sds

Privacy & Terms

We are very concerned about maintaining patient privacy and security in terms of data and publications whether oral, written, or any media. Have a clear practical license and a verified or certified Doctor.

The data we collect is used for personal analysis of the company, not for sale and we really maintain the confidentiality of data or documents, be it personal documents or patient documents. So of course our clinic is very safe and all forms of document confidentiality or data privacy are protected